Laboratory for the Computational Studies of Language

METU LcsL on-line documents
(Papers, Working Documents, Theses)

The following documents are available on-line. Drafts are not maintained anymore; see member web pages for that.


  1. Identifying The Interactions of Multi-criteria in Turkish Discourse Segmentation (PhD)
    Meltem Turhan-Yondem, August 2001 (166 pages, abstract | .ps)
    Kudos! Meltem received the 2002 Serhat Ozyar Young Scientist of the Year Award for her PhD.
  2. Structural Transfer in an English to Turkish Machine Translation System (PhD)
    Cigdem Keyder Turhan, January 1998. (148 pages, abstract | .ps)
  3. A Computational Analysis of Turkish Using the Government-Binding Approach (PhD)
    Aysenur Birturk, January 1998. (168 pages, abstract | .ps)

  1. Information structure and intonation in SVO and OVS sentences in spoken Russian (MSc in CogSci)
    Elena Ghinda, January 2010 ( abstract, pdf)
  2. Aspects of Control and complementation in Turkish (MSc in CogSci)
    Murat Yasavul, June 2009 ( abstract, pdf)
  3. Computational aspects of discourse annotation (MSc in CogSci)
    Berfin Aktas, December 2008 ( abstract, pdf)
  4. Connective position, argument order and information structure of discourse connectives in written Turkish texts (MSc in CogSci)
    Isin Demirsahin, September 2008 ( abstract, pdf)
  5. Using Zipf frequencies as a representativeness measure in statistical active learning of natural language (MSc in CENG)
    Onur Cobanoglu, June 2008 ( abstract, pdf)
  6. Sozdizim-anlambilim etkilesimi olarak sozluksel dilbiligisinde denetleme (MA In Linguistics, DTCF)
    Aysun Kunduraci, August 2008 ( abstract, pdf)
  7. An analysis of Turkish Sign Language (TiD) Phonology and morphology (MSc in CogSci)
    Okan Kubus, May 2008 ( abstract, pdf)
  8. A Philosophical analysis of computational modeling in cognitive science
    Burcu Aysen Urgen, September 2007 ( abstract, pdf)
  9. From syllable to meaning: Effects of knowledge of syllable in learning the meaning bearing units of language (MSc in CogSci)
    Cagri Coltekin, December 2006 ( abstract, pdf)
  10. An examination of quantifier scope ambiguity in Turkish (MSc in CogSci)
    Kursad Kurt, October 2006 ( abstract, pdf)
  11. Grammatical Relations and Word Order in Turkish Sign Language TiD. (MSc in CogSci)
    Ayca Muge Sevinc, April 2006 ( abstract, pdf)
  12. A Programming Language for Beginners based on Turkish Syntax (MSc in CEng)
    Sercan Tutar, August 2004 (82 pages, pdf)
    Kudos! Sercan received Top Prize in Mustafa Parlar Foundation's Theses of the Year Award in 2004.
  13. A Type System For Combinatory Categorial Grammar (MSc in CEng)
    Gunes Erkan, August 2003 (43 pages, abstract | .pdf)
  14. A Tune-based Account of Turkish Information Structure (MSc in CogSci)
    Umut Ozge, January 2003 (97 pages, abstract | .pdf)
  15. A Computational Interface For Syntax and Morphemic Lexicons (MSc in CEng)
    Ruken Cakici, September 2002 (66 pages, abstract | .pdf)
  16. Word Order Variations in Turkish: Evidence from Binding and Scope (MSc in CogSci)
    Ceyhan Temurcu, November 2001. (186 pages, .pdf)
  17. Refining the Representational Basis of the Construction-Integration Model of Text Comprehension with Syntactic Cues (MSc in CogSci)
    Evren Kapusuz, September, 2001 (157 pages, abstract | .ps)
  18. Semantic Plausibility and Category Effects on Unbounded Dependency Processing in Turkish Relative Clauses (MSc in CogSci)
    Sukru Baris Demiral, September, 2001 (111 pages, abstract | .ps)
  19. Generation of Turkish Surface Form from a Morphemic Lexicon (MSc in CEng)
    Burcu Karagol-Ayan, July 2000 (65 pages, abstract | .ps)
  20. Extendible Structural Transfer: A Case for German to Turkish Translation (MSc in CEng)
    Selcuk Kopru, December 1999 (51 pages, abstract | .ps)
  21. Machine Learning and Language Acquisition: A Model of Child's Learning of Turkish Morphophonology (MSc in CogSci)
    Yasemin Altun, July 1999 (90 pages, abstract | .ps)
  22. A Unification-based Tool for Learning Turkish Morphology (MSc in CEng)
    Izzet Pembeci, December 1998. (58 pages, abstract | .ps)
  23. A Method for Improving Automatic Word Categorization (MSc in CEng)
    Erkan Korkmaz, September 1997. (57 pages, abstract | .ps)
  24. Contextually Appropriate Anaphor/Pronoun Generation for Turkish (MSc in CEng)
    Ozgur Yuksel, August 1997. (74 pages, abstract | .ps | LaTeX source)
  25. Quasi-logical Form to Case Frame Mapping for MT (MSc in CEng)
    Bahadir Pehlivanturk, December 1996. (70 pages, abstract | .ps )
  26. A Word Grammar of Turkish with Morphophonemic Rules (MSc in CEng)
    Murat Oztaner, January 1996 (128 pages, abstract | .ps | LaTeX source)
  27. A Sign-based Phrase Structure Grammar for Turkish (MSc in CEng)
    Onur Sehitoglu, January 1996 (97 pages, abstract | .ps)
  28. X-windows Based Lexical Database Tool (MSc in CEng)
    Tolga Yildirim, January 1996 (61 pages).
  29. Incremental Conceptual Clustering Without Order Dependency (MSc in CEng)
    Ilker Altintas, September 1995 (69 pages, abstract | .ps | LaTeX

Papers and Reports

(drafts/manuscripts can be located from members' home pages)

  1. The Combinatory Morphemic Lexicon
    To appear in Computational Linguistics
    -- Cem Bozsahin
  2. A Modular Approach to Turkish Noun Compounding: The Integration of a Finite-State Model
    Proceedings of the 6th Natural Language Processing Pacific Rim Symposium (NLPRS2001) November 27-29, 2001, Tokyo, Japan.
    -- Birturk Aysenur Akyuz, Sandiway Fong.
  3. An Analysis on Turkish Discourse Segmentation
    Proceedings of the ESSLLI 2000 Student Session, pp265-275, Birmingham, England
    -- M. Turhan-Yondem
  4. Morphosyntactic Generation of Turkish from Predicate-Argument Structure
    Proceedings of the COLING 2000 Student Session, Hong Kong.
    -- B. Karagol-Ayan
  5. Gapping and Word Order In Turkish.
    Proc. of 10th Int. Conf. on Turkish Linguistics (ICTL 2000), Istanbul, 2000.
    -- Cem Bozsahin
  6. Dilbilgisi, bilisim ve bilissel bilim [Grammar, Computation and Cognitive Science]
    In Dilbilim Arastirmalari 2000 [Research in Linguistics, vol.11]
    -- C. Bozsahin, D. Zeyrek
  7. Lexical Rules and Lexical Organization
    in Breadth and Depth of Semantic Lexicons, E. Viegas (ed.), Kluwer, 1999.
    -- O. Sehitoglu, C. Bozsahin
  8. Contextually Appropriate Reference Generation
    To appear in Natural Language Engineering
    -- O. Yuksel, C. Bozsahin
  9. Deriving the Predicate-Argument Structure for a Free Word Order Language (.ps, ~38K).
    Proceedings of COLING-ACL'98, pp. 167-173, Montreal.
    -- C. Bozsahin
  10. Computer-aided Learning of Turkish Morphology (.ps, ~131K).
    Proceedings of Joint Conf. of ACH and ALLC, 1998, July, Debrecen, Hungary.
    Java interface for the tool.
    -- I. Pembeci, C. Bozsahin, D. Zeyrek
  11. Resolution of dropped Pronouns in a Phrase Structure Grammar (.ps, ~24K)
    in Proceedings of the ESSLLI'97 student session
    -- M. Turhan, O. Sehitoglu
  12. Combinatory Logic and Natural Language Parsing (.ps, ~37K)
    Elektrik, Turkish J. of EE and CS, 5(3), 347-357, 1997.
    -- C. Bozsahin
  13. A Method for Improving Automatic Word Categorization (.ps, ~59K)
    in Proceedings of 1997 ACL Workshop on NL Learning.
    -- E. Korkmaz, G. Ucoluk
  14. An English to Turkish Machine Translation System Using Structural Mapping (.ps, ~27K)
    Proc. of the Fifth Conference on Applied NLP (ANLP'97), 31 March - 3 April, 1997, Washington, D.C.
    -- C. (Keyder) Turhan
  15. A Morphological Analyzer for Turkish Using Combinator Parsing (.ps, ~26K)
    Senior Project Report; also in Proc. of ESSLLI'96 Student Session
    -- I. Pembeci
  16. Morphological Productivity in the Lexicon (.ps, ~25K)
    Proc. of the 1996 ACL SIGLEX Workshop at Santa Cruz.
    -- O. Sehitoglu, C. Bozsahin
  17. Ulamsal dilbilgisi ve Turkce [Categorial Grammar and Turkish] (.ps, ~35K)
    Dilbilim Arastirmalari 1996 [Research in Linguistics] 7:230-244
    -- C. Bozsahin
  18. A Categorial Framework for Composition in Multiple Linguistic Domains(.ps, ~57K)
    in Proc. of the 4th Int Conf on Cognitive Science of NLP, Dublin, CSNLP'95
    -- C. Bozsahin, E. Gocmen
  19. Turkce'deki Dilbilgisel Yapilarin Bilgisayisal Dilbilim Modellerinin Tasarimi (.ps, ~91K)
    TUBITAK EEEAG-90 Project Final Report. 1996 (In Turkish).
    -- C. Bozsahin, E. Gocmen
  20. An Outline of Turkish Syntax (.ps, ~94K)
    Needs major modifications but gives you an overall idea.
    -- E. Gocmen, O. Sehitoglu, C. Bozsahin
  21. An Outline of Turkish Morphology (.ps, ~99K)
    To be re-written in a more descriptive way.
    -- K. Oflazer, E. Gocmen, C. Bozsahin
  22. Lexicon Design for the TU-LANGUAGE Project (.ps, ~52K)
    DRAFT. Keeps changing. Your comments welcome.
    -- C. Bozsahin, K. Oflazer, E. Gocmen, O. Yilmaz, T. Yildirim, M. Oztaner, O. Sehitoglu
  23. Turkish NLP Initiative: An Overview (.ps, ~62K)
    Proc. of 3rd Turkish AI and Neural Network Conf, TAINN'94
    -- K. Oflazer, C. Bozsahin
  24. Turkce Dogal Dil Isleme (.ps, ~54K)
    Proc. of Turkish Informatics Society TBD'94
    -- K. Oflazer, C. Bozsahin
  25. Memory-based Hypothesis Formation (.ps, ~35K)
    Cognitive Science, 16(4), 431-454. 1992.
    As much as i could salvage from Mac Word to .ps; 3 figures missing
    -- C. Bozsahin, N.V. Findler